Quilter Labs are producing a game changing amp in the world of guitar.  With their Class D lightweight amps it's put the industry on it's ear.  With tons of power and reliability Quilter is quickly climbing to the top of the charts as one of the biggest must-have guitar amps of the day.  If your looking for something small that's easy to travel with, look no further than their line of mini heads.  The Tone Block, 101 mini, and Pro Block are all top of the line in amplification and small and light enough to fit in your gig bag, case or on your pedal board.  And if a combo amp is your style, without a doubt check out their Aviator and Mach 2 lines.  With different speaker pairings to choose from, there is undoubtedly something to fit your wants and needs.  Also check out their game-changing pedal steel guitar amp, the Steelaire.  With tons of bells and whistles and power for days it's definitively a nice lightweight workhorse that can't be beat.