Goodrich Volume pedals are now in stock!


We now have Goodrich Volume pedals in stock.  They have long been the staple pedal for steel guitar players but they are quickly expanding into the guitar world as well with their low profile L-120 as well as the standard H-120.  They are great heavy duty pedals that will let you add expression as well as well as tone control hands free!

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Greer Pedals are now in stock!

We now have Greer effects pedals in stock!   We are super stoked to finally have these in our hands.  This has been on our list for a long time and after meeting with the Greer team at Summer NAMM down in Nashville we finally closed a dealership.  We were super impressed after playing them hands on in [...]

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Orange Amps have arrived!

How exciting is this?  We have a great line of Orange Amps now in stock.  Everything from the little Micro Tiny and Dark Terrors (with matching external speaker I might add) to the bigger Rockerverb and Orange Crush and OB Series.  Make sure to check them all out TODAY!SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSICIAN!

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RockBox pedals now in stock!

Another very cool arrival at Backwoods is the Rockbox guitar effects pedals.  We've got three cool boost and overdrive pedals each with their own distinct voicing and character.  Come check out the Baby Blues, Boiling Point, or the Super 763 today!

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Amahi Ukuleles now in stock at Backwoods Guitar in Sedalia Missouri!

Whether your a starter or advanced ukulele player, Amahi surely has the uke for your needs.  With outstanding craftsmanship and unbelievable tone the Amahi ukulele will be a great addition to your collection.  Check them out online today!

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Check out the latest pedal review video for the Yellowcake Fried Gold!

New pedal review video is now up!  Check out our review for the Yellowcake Fried Gold Distortion.  It's sure to win a top spot on your pedal board!Check it out HERE!

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Chase Bliss Audio now in stock!

We are very pleased to announce that we now have Chase Bliss Audio pedals in stock!  After become an authorized dealer and receiving the first few we are more that excited about this acquisition.  These pedals are unbelievable!  Built for rugged road use with all the versatility of a studio quality device, you are sure to [...]

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Quilter MicroBlock 45 is here!

The new Quilter MicroBlock45 is sure to be a game changer in the world of guitar amplifiers.  Now you have a 45 watt guitar head in a effects pedal encosure!   Keep it on your pedalboard and reduce the weight you drag around to gigs.  Or have one handy in your case as a backup!  No [...]

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Check out the new video for the Black Cat Mini trem!

Here we present to you the Black Cat Mini Trem tremolo.  It's a great pedal with lots of features in a nice size enclosure.  and make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channeltoday!

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Check out the new VOX amps!

The new VOX amps have arrived!  Come check out the new AC30's and AC15's and get that British vibe going.  They are great high quality amps designed to rock and roll!  Talk about "jangle"....  they got plenty of that!

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