Chase Bliss Audio



At Chase Bliss Audio our goal is to give unprecedented digital control to original and creative analog designs. Our products are not for everyone. They are for people that want something truly different in their stompbox arsenal, and are comfortable paying a little premium for a handmade, U.S manufactured product that is unlike anything else out there.  You know, crazy people that desire that certain analog aesthetic in their tone while still demanding the ability to tweak everything, recall those settings at will, and explore new areas of parameter controllability, modulation, and on-the-fly automation.

Chase Bliss Audio effects pedals are super high quality with an seemingly endless amount of configurations possible.  The Brothers overdrive is a best-of-both-worlds dual circuit overdrive and gain pedal with lots of layering options available.  Add a Faves pedal to any Chase Bliss and tack on even more presets available.  Also check out more great Chase Bliss pedals like the Warped Vinyl analog vibrato and Chorus, Tonal Recall analog delay, Spectre Flanger, Gravitas analog Tremolo, Wombtone MKII analog phaser.  All are sure to leave you wanting more.  Get your very own Chase Bliss Audio pedal today!