Daredevil Pedals, hand built straight out of Chicago, IL, is what may be some of the best sounding pedals in the boutique market today.  After meeting Johnny at a NAMM convention, what we found was a builder that really has a passion.  His passion is for getting great tone... period.  After become obsessed with creating road worthy pedals that could stand up to countless touring and abuse he created an outstanding line of effects pedals that could serve the need for pro musicians as well as the entry level players as well.  The flagship Fearless Distortion is a nice versatile overdrive that cleans up very well with the volume knob.  From easy rock to heavy metal, this gets it done.  If that wasn't enough they raised the bar and took the Fearless to the next level with the Red Light District.  With the added bottom end and selectable scoop, you can dial in even the heaviest Sabbath and Van Halen type tones.  Looking for that Dallas Rangemaster type of booster?  Then you must check out the Silver Solo.  This pedal serves as a nice "push" pedal to get those tube amps just a little more grit and tone.  Make sure to check out all their great pedals, your sure to find something you love.