Hand made in the great city of Tuscaloosa, AL Yellowcake has brought forth some excellent offerings into the guitar pedal industry.  With their rugged enclosures and power coated graphics these pedals speak for themselves when it comes to quality.  If your looking for a great sounding overdrive, look no farther than the Fried Gold Overdrive.  It has all the capability to go from a nice easy distortion to full on over the top rock and roll.  Maybe Fuzz is your thing?  Your lucky!  You've got 2 options to choose from.  Check out the Furry Burrito for that classic Fuzz/Distortion, or for full on Fuzz the Your Mom pedal can get from very subtile fuzz, to Hendrix fuzz, to full out blown speaker effect fuzz.  If your looking for your next favorite pedal, you may have just found it!