Hazelton HZTPT2BR Trumpet (used)

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Brand: Harelton

Hazelton HZTPT2BR Trumpet (used)

All slides and valves function properlly.

Comes in Bundy Hard Case (see picts)

The Hazelton HZTPT2BR trumpet is an instrument designed for musicians seeking a high-quality trumpet with professional features. Here's an overview of the HZTPT2BR:

  1. Construction: The HZTPT2BR is crafted from high-quality materials to ensure durability and optimal performance. The trumpet typically features a brass body, leadpipe, and bell, which contribute to its rich and resonant sound.
  2. Bell: The trumpet is equipped with a medium-large bell, which helps produce a balanced tone with excellent projection and clarity. The bell's design and thickness are carefully engineered to achieve the desired sound characteristics.
  3. Valves: The HZTPT2BR comes with precision-engineered piston valves, which offer smooth and responsive action. These valves are designed to provide airtight seal and minimal resistance, allowing for effortless playability and accurate intonation.
  4. Finish: The trumpet is finished with a high-quality lacquer or silver plating, both of which provide protection against corrosion and enhance the instrument's appearance. The choice of finish may vary depending on the player's preferences.
  5. Performance: The trumpet is designed to meet the needs of intermediate to advanced players, offering a versatile sound suitable for various musical styles and settings. Whether performing in a concert band, jazz ensemble, or solo setting, the HZTPT2BR delivers a responsive and dynamic playing experience.

Overall, the Hazelton HZTPT2BR trumpet is a well-crafted instrument designed to meet the demands of discerning players. With its high-quality construction, responsive valves, and versatile sound, it offers a compelling choice for intermediate to advanced trumpeters looking to upgrade their instrument.

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