We hear it every single day… who’s the best guitar player. Who’s the best cello player, Who’s the best band, etc etc. I think society is missing the point. Music and art are not about who is the best. There simply cannot be a “best” any anything. “Best” is all a matter of opinion and perspective, and that really holds us back as a society. Every artist lends their own flavor to creativeness and vision. That’s what’s sets each artist apart from each other and lets us advance as a society.

For example; I am not a fan of the band RUSH. However, I have the utmost respect for each and every member as I realize how good they are at their craft and all the human lives they have touched with their workings. No matter WHO the artist is and what they do, they are neither bad nor good. They are doing their job in society using their natural gift to further humanity. Art helps us get through our day to day lives, makes us think, helps us relax, makes us happy.

I personally do not really believe in giving awards for art. Stuff like “Best Female this”… or “Best Album that”… Best according to who? Some panel that’s self appointed and getting kick backs under table from the good-ole-boy network? (Don’t fool yourselves, that’s EXACTLY how it goes down) It does nothing but inflate egos and cause controversy and feeds this “who’s the best” mentality the world is stuck in.

Which brings up a great question… “What would I do if I were in one of those artists shoes and received one of those awards?” Would you go up there thanking him and her and this and that? I believe if I won, yes I would be flattered. Who wouldn’t be? We all want and need that affirmation for doing a good job and being rewarded for hard work. But I have to say I think I would either accept the award, then throw it into the audience at my next performance and/or sell it for charity. Or perhaps I would go on the stage and graciously decline the award. What would YOU do? Makes ya think right?

Think of how different things would be if we didn’t have these so called “awards”. Or would they? Think of all we are missing out on because of corporate america putting the squeeze on all the artists out there just because they don’t fit their “mold” and how can we change that?

So think about this next time somebody is discussing who’s getting 1st chair in band, or who’s the best rock guitar player, or who is the greatest jazz trumpet… We all need to respect and support ALL of it. I believe it would being humanity closer and open our minds to more opportunities and respect towards each other.

There is no BEST… we are all GOOD.

til next time… -eron