Quilter ToneBlock 202 w/BlockDock 12CB Combo (used)

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Brand: Quilter

Quilter ToneBlock 202 w/BlockDock 12CB Combo

Here is 2 of the best Quilter inventions together in one pack. It's an INCREDIBLE 200 Watt Rig w/tilt back legs, Celestion 12" NEO250 Speaker.

Come with orig dust cover.

Works great, gigged light for about a year.

Please ask questions before purchase.

The BlockDock 12CB takes Celestion's finest 250 watt Neo guitar speaker and our signature light-ply construction and delivers a 12 inch cabinet capable of insane volume and incredible tone. With all the throaty power and balanced response the Copperback delivers, this will be an instant favorite for our line.

The driver is front-mounted to the integral baffle for clear projection, with rigid one-piece pro-audio cabinet construction. The sturdy nylon-weave grille cloth frame mounts with velcro and can be removed to access the driver. The well-braced BlockDock minimizes vibration, and rubber feet, cushioned strap handle, and plated corners assure safe transport. A custom dust cover with pouch is included and tilt-back-legs are preinstalled.

The Tone Block 202 is the ultimate "go anywhere do anything" instrument amplification head. A complete tool kit for stage and studio. Our "anywhere on earth" power supply, enhanced speaker drive options, new voicings, and our latest ultra quiet Direct Out interface enhance studio recording and direct PA connections for both loud and silent stages. Brings any good speaker to life; even better when paired with one of our BlockDock 12 speakers.

We've gone all-out to make the Tone Block 202 the ultimate gigging amp. Seven powerful controls, 3-way voicing switch, pre/post signal/headphone jack, Cab-Sim that automatically tracks output settings, a new FR voice option with tight solid-state damping for use with modelers, plus FullQ and Vintage voices with traditional Quilter warmth, all add up to unmatched tonal versatility. You'll quickly notice that notes feel bigger and hit harder!

  • Up to 200 watts
  • 3 band EQ (Bass/Mid/Treble)
  • Gain
  • Limiter
  • Reverb
  • Effects Loop
  • FRFR, FullQ and Vintage voices
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