Snark SIL-1 Silver Snark Hyper-Fast Clip-On Chromatic Tuner

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Brand: Snark
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In 1995 Snark invented the first LCD guitar tuner. They named it Qwik Tune?. In 2010 they launched SNARK. Snark have now shipped over 25,000,000 tuners! SILVER SNARK is built to last! Charles Goodyear invented the "vulcanized" process for making an ultra-hard rubber. The vucanized rubber joints on the new SILVER SNARK are insanely strong! It is vitrually impossible to break this tuner! SILVER SNARK is better in three ways: 1. The new HYPER-SNARK software is fast and flawless! 2. SILVER SNARK has longer battery life! 3. They've added hard vulcanized rubber collars to the tuner joints to make the tuner virtually indestructible!

  • All-new Hyper Snark software is fast and flawless!
  • Silver Snark has Longer Battery Life!
  • Vulcanized Rubber Collars Added To Tuner Joints Make This Tuner Nearly Indestructible!
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