VIVA LA MUSICA Viva Flex Violin Shoulder Rest 4/4-3/4 Black

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UPC: 3830065591055
Brand: Viva la Musica

The Shoulder Rest That Won't Fall Off!

Made in Europe, these new flexible shoulder rests enable the young violinist to start off right. Elegant and contemporary design, and with the benefits of the top-of-the-line Viva Diamond shoulder rest, at a much lower price! The feet, utilizing the Viva Diamond's patented Lateral Adjustment Clamping System, are made from strong and flexible tool steel, absorbing stress instead of transferring it to the instrument, and channeling stress away from the instrument itself; and they stay put, even during vigorous playing, when other shoulder rests often fall off.

The ergonomics of the Viva Flex start with an extremely sturdy plastic body in an S-shape, with dual-plane flexibility. This allows weight to be evenly distributed across the collarbone; this design significantly reduces fatigue, especially under grueling practice or performance conditions.

Your Viva Flex is collapsible: Fold the feet after you're done playing, for easy storage in your case. And your Viva la Musica remembers your settings -- when you unfold the feet and place your Viva la Musica on your violin, you will not need to adjust it again.

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