Every guitar player has unique needs, just as every musician develops their own signature style and flair. Whether you play an acoustic or electric guitar, a magical blend of elements must come together to create an enjoyable playing experience. Often, the right experience can be traced back to how the instrument feels in your hands. For easy playability and maximum shredding potential, electric guitars with thin necks can’t be topped.

Not only do electric guitars with thin necks lend themselves well to musicians who have smaller hands, but they offer a sleek look and feel perfect for guitarists of all ages and skill levels. Many brands produce guitars in this style and shape, from Fender to Ibanez. Check out Backwoods Guitar’s top picks for electric guitars with thin necks, and start your search with the knowledge you need to find your perfect fit.

Why People Love Electric Guitars with Thin Necks

Electric guitars feature magnetic pickups that amplify the vibrations of the metal strings, producing a powerful, distinctive sound. Electric guitars are a staple in the rock genre. While there are hundreds of styles on the market, all-electric guitars basically function the same. The subtle differences in sound come from the type of pickup, the type and number of tone controls, the strings used, how it is played, and the guitar’s design.

Electric guitars with thin necks might sound and function like other models, but the narrow neck design enables guitarists with smaller hands to get a better grip on their instrument. While these guitars can be very popular with beginners, experienced guitarists also often opt for these models since their enhanced playability makes it easier to bang out a complex riff or a complicated guitar solo. Generally speaking, any guitar with a neck that measures close to .807″ (20.5mm) from the 1st fret can be considered to be an electric guitar with a thin neck.


Squier is a brand owned by Fender. Beloved by gigging musicians around the world, Squier electric guitars are stunning and high-quality. The American Ultra/ American Ultra Luxe series from Squier measures 0.82″ at the 1st fret, with the “Modern D” shape offering the thinnest neck profile. The “Modern C” shape is just slightly thicker, measuring 0.83″ thick at the 1st fret.

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Reliable and distinctive, Ibanez makes several electric guitars with thin necks. The Ibanez AZ2402 Prestige is a solid, basic model ideal for beginning guitarists. It measures .807″ (20.5mm) from 1st fret. The Ibanez AZ2204 Prestige is equally narrow, with identical measurements and an attractive profile.

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The Fender Mustang is one of the most iconic electric guitars on the market, with several colors and styles. The comfortable grip and slim neck make it perfect for beginners and experts alike, while the reliable tone ensures a solid performance every time. Featuring a “C” shaped maple neck and a three-way pickup switch, this instrument is a fantastic starting point for anyone new to the world of electric guitars.

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Backwoods Guitar is Here to Help

The best way to know if a guitar is right for you is to see it in person. Backwoods Guitar in Sedalia, MO, has a wide selection of beautiful electric guitars in stock, from a classic Fender Squier Stratocaster to one of our incredible custom-made pieces. If you want a guitar that molds to your exact specifications, ask about our custom guitar services. We can create your perfect instrument from the ground up, with a unique neck profile that fits in your hands like a dream. Contact us to ask about our in-stock guitars or to learn more about our services.

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