It is undisputed that Fender electric guitars are some of the highest quality on the market.  But how do you know which is the best for you?  Do you consider yourself a Telecaster fan, like Bruce Springsteen or Brad Paisley?  Or are you more like Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix-  fans of the Stratocaster?  Though there are many similarities between the two models, there are also some distinct differences.

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Fender has delighted both serious gigging musicians and casual players since first introduced in 1946.  Though the brand continues to offer innovative design and new models, the Telecaster and the Stratocaster are iconic choices that have set the bar for quality and performance over other brands and models.  To choose the best for you, take a closer look at the features each model offers. 

Features of the Stratocaster

The Stratocaster, commonly called the “Strat”, was first launched in 1954, three years after the introduction of the telecaster.  The alder body provides it with a snappy sound, distinctive to the Strat but its distinctive voice is most accredited to its three single coil pickups. 

It is most identifiable by looking at the upper portion of the guitar’s body.  The Stratocaster has an upper horn which gives the player more access to higher registers.  The design was created to offer musicians better balance and some players believe it to be a more comfortable instrument to play, as the design seems to contour to their body. 

The bridge of the Stratocaster has a two-point tremolo system which is attached to springs that connect to the body.  This allows the player to control the amount of tension on the strings, creating a vibrato effect.  

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Features of the Telecaster

The ground-breaking Telecaster, known as the Tele, was introduced in 1950, a precursor to the Stratocaster.  It was the world’s first mass-produced commercially successful solid-body electric guitar.  Though it has been around for over 70 years, it still remains a popular, high-demand model.  It has the same basic body as the Strat, without the upper horn.  It has 2 single-coil pickups instead of three and has no vibrato bridge.    

At Backwoods Guitar, we’ve been told many musicians find the Telecaster easy to play and comfortable to handle.  It has a distinct bright sound that is easily identifiable to the Telecaster.  This style is known for its simplicity and easy handling.

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Which Guitar is Right for Me?

Choosing the guitar that is right for you is all about personal choice.  Before purchasing, decide what you want from an electric guitar and try it on.  Some musicians think that Strats are better suited for rock and Teles are the best for country.   Some players believe that the Telecaster is easier to use, while others love the way the Stratocaster conforms to their body.  In order to make the choice that is perfect for you, test drive both models for a clear perspective. 

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Choosing your dream guitar can be exciting and fun.  The team at Backwoods Guitar can help you by providing all the information you need in choosing between Fender Telecaster versus Stratocaster.  Choosing your ideal electric guitar is a personal preference, and whichever model you choose, Backwoods Guitar is sure to have the model perfect for you.  Give us a call at  660-851-2233 or stop by our Sedalia Missouri showroom today.

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