Why you should own a Taylor 50th Anniversary guitar.

Taylor 50th Anniversary

So you want a new guitar.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  You want one that plays great, looks great, and SOUNDS great.  But you still want it to hold it’s value, right?  The 50th Anniversary Collection from Taylor has you covered on all aspects.

ROI (Return On Investment)

Only 1974 of each model are being made!  This means when they are gone, they are gone.  That leads to collectability which means $$$$!  Your future trade-in/appreciation only goes up as time goes on.  Just take care of your baby, this means humidity.  Put a humidifier in your case during the winter and monitor it daily.  Sponge dry?  More water.  It’s the worlds cheapest insurance policy you can get, and it keeps your guitar in tip top shape.  But that’s for another blog…

Taylor Acoustic Guitars 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Models
Taylor 50th Anniversary

Unique Characteristics

All guitars in the collection will share a common design theme and signature appointments:

  • Gold Tuning Machines and Buttons
  • Ebony Bridge Pins with Gold Acrylic Dots
  • Commemorative 50th Anniversary Label

In addition some models include torrefied tops, vintage sunburst top color treatment, a distinctive firestripe pickguard, and diamond fretboard inlays.

More models all year

As the year goes on, Taylor will release new models to the 50th Anniversary collection every quarter  Here is a few:

  • Builder’s Edition 814ce LTD
  • PS14ce LTD – Figured Urban Ironbark / Striped Sinker Redwood
  • PS14ce LTD – Figured Claro Walnut / Western Red Cedar


So there ya have it folks.  Awesome quality, beautiful sound and tone, unmatched play-ability as well as holding their value.  Give this some serious thought, even if your not actively looking for a new guitar.  These are going to be TERRIFIC INVESTMENTS!