If you are on the hunt for an electric guitar, you may think you know everything you need before making the purchase. Or you may be confused as to the options, style, or the guitar that provides the distinct sound you are looking for. Never fear! Read on to find some of the basics in buying an electric guitar, or stop by Backwoods Guitar to speak to an expert who can discuss your options, available modifications, and vast inventory.

How Do Electric Guitars Work?

Electric guitars come in various models and styles, but they generally operate on the same principles. The electric guitar’s body is where you will find the pickup, which acts as a magnetic field. When you pluck one of the metal strings on the guitar, a current is generated and transmitted by the pickup through a preamp circuit, sending tones to the guitar cable and amplifier. The amplifier does what its name suggests – It amplifies the signal and modifies the tone with a set of controls. The signal then travels to a speaker, which sends out sound waves.

Though it seems complicated, electric guitars all work somewhat the same. The differences lie in the type of pickup, the type and number of tone controls, the strings used, how it is played, and the guitar’s design. These variations in components allow each guitar to produce unique tones.

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Body Types and Styles

Electric guitars come in three basic body styles:

  1. Solid-body
  2. Semi-hollow body
  3. Hollow body

The body style can contribute to the ease of use, the basic tone, and the adaptability of the guitar to meet your needs.

Solid Body

Probably the most common body type for electric guitars, solid body guitars are made from a solid slab of wood. The type of wood used can influence the sound of the instrument. Common wood types are mahogany, maple, rosewood, koa, ash, and basswood. The solid body guitars are offered in a wide range of pickups, from the simple models to the more ornate. You may not get the resonance that you get with hollow-body models, but you can customize your solid-body electric guitar with multiple electronic and design options to offset.  

Semi-hollow Body

A semi-hollow body falls between the solid body and the hollow body. They are designed with a hollow body but have a solid center block for stability. The block also helps reduce the feedback you get from hollow-bodied guitars and provides more resonance than a solid body.  

Hollow Body

If you want even more resonance, the hollow-body electric guitar is the best bet in design. Though they are loved for their deep base and rich tones, they are more apt to provide feedback than other modes.

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Modifying your Guitar

Not sure which model is best for you? No worries. Our pros at Backwoods Guitar can help with modifications from the most simple to the most complicated to make sure that your guitar is the best fit possible. From new strings or ornate straps to a new bridge or pickups, we can help you customize an electric guitar that fills all your needs, no matter what genre of music you play!

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At over 3200 square feet, our showroom is sure to have the electric guitar that is right for you. Our expert staff is up to answering your questions, suggesting modifications, and getting you the best guitar for your particular needs. Contact us or stop by to check out our inventory today!

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