Why you should own a Taylor 50th Anniversary guitar.

Taylor 50th Anniversary

Why you should own a Taylor 50th Anniversary guitar. So you want a new guitar.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  You want one that plays great, looks great, and SOUNDS great.  But you still want it to hold it’s value, right?  The 50th Anniversary Collection from Taylor has you covered on all aspects. ROI (Return On Investment) Only 1974 of each […]

Is Fender Better than Gibson?

It’s a debate as old as the brands themselves- is Fender or Gibson better?  Both legendary guitar brands offer different things, so it’s important to figure out which is best for you. Both brands have fans and naysayers. Choosing between the two is a matter of comfort, style, and, of course, sound. Design elements such […]

Things to know before getting an electric guitar

If you are on the hunt for an electric guitar, you may think you know everything you need before making the purchase. Or you may be confused as to the options, style, or the guitar that provides the distinct sound you are looking for. Never fear! Read on to find some of the basics in […]

Taylor Guitar Reviews

Finding the right guitar can be an exciting adventure, but it can also be a challenge. With so many brands and models to choose from, it can help to have a guide to refer to. Taylor Guitars has been one of the top guitar brands since 1974. A premier purveyor of both electric and acoustic […]

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under $300

Acoustic-electric guitars are exceptional instruments, perfect for beginners and veteran performers alike. They offer versatile sound and ultimate convenience and can be used across genres, from country to rock and roll. The sound of an acoustic-electric guitar can be altered to sound mellow or sharp, depending on whether you opt to use an amplifier or […]

Music… it’s NOT a competition.

Broken Music Award

We hear it every single day… who’s the best guitar player. Who’s the best cello player, Who’s the best band, etc etc. I think society is missing the point. Music and art are not about who is the best. There simply cannot be a “best” any anything. “Best” is all a matter of opinion and […]